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Our Philosophy of the Neo-CranioSacral Therapy


The Philosophy of Neo-CranioSacral Therapy:

Neo- Craniosacral Therapy is "way of living", a standpoint in life. Both of us, we are astonished by realizing how many different perceptions of the human being, the pain or the disease and cure approaches exist. People have lost their capacity to recognize what their body needs or what they have to do in order to be well. They expect the healers to do the work for them. They expect healing from outside help. They have lost their True Nature. Neo- Craniosacral Therapy is showing a new way: The honest way, where each of us will take the responsibility for our own health or disease, our psychological balance and our cure. Lastly, we would like to point out that this is a rough road, it takes willpower, courage, Consciousness and patience with ourselves, Moreover, it seeks love towards ourselves in order to find again what we lost: our True Self. Let's dedicate some time in our daily routine, let's give some space to ourselves, for joy and liveliness, for appreciation and then for sure our bodies will not protest of being misused and neglected. Our Neo-CranioSacral Therapy is dedicated to the body's only truth,

Natascha Green and Aris Chantzinasios

The Evolution of the Neo-CranioSacral Therapy:

 Neo-Craniosacral Therapy, as we apply it, consists the evolution of the     founder's (Dr Sutherland) Breath of Life and is the integration of Craniosacral Biodynamics as developed by Dr. Sutherland's students and Dr. Upledger's Craniosacral Therapy.

Moreover, it is the "Touch of the Heart" as Aris Chantzinasios and Natascha Green practice it and teach it .
This evolution is based on the principle that there is no patient nor healer during the treatment session. The person who receives the treatment and lies with his eyes closed is called traveler, and the practitioner is the co-traveler in her/his journey, who touches gently without intervening the body of the traveler. This gentle touch, between 2 and 5 gr, encourages the traveler to make a journey in his body, while the co-traveler with closed eyes as well, accompanies him/her through the journey wherever the traveler's body calls for attention.
Neo-Cranio (short calling of Neo-Craniosacral Therapy), is a Meditation process, where the practitioner/co-traveler is present, listens with his hands, does not interfere, does not act, does not jump into conclusions, does not aim for a result.. The co-traveler does not aim to achieve, does not try to rectify a malfunction, does not apply a technique, because our belief is that even if we are capable to heal a symptom, this is going to be a temporary relief, as the inner cause will bring sooner or later more severe symptoms.
Our aim is that the traveler can learn what is happening with him, in which way he himself has contributed to the disorder of his body. Our aim is that he reaches the root of his problem, realizes what caused it and how this distorted his normal being and led him to disease. The traveler is helped by our Therapeutic Dialog, which initiates the somatoemotional release. Only through this process, the person is in a position to abort his/her traumas, programs and behavioral patterns, by realizing how he/she is responsible for what he/she suffers now. The Therapeutic Dialog happens only when the Craniosacral Tide is still (still point), an indication that the body is now in the process of self healing. Through Somatoemotional Release and consciousness of the traveler, he can terminate the causes of imbalance and be healed from that once for ever.

Why Somatoemotional Release?

Neo-CranioSacral Therapy came up after a "long voyage" since we were students of Craniosacral Therapy. A voyage of many years and many disappointments that we couldn't heal some cases an symptoms. We have been taught the Upledger approach. We have learned specific techniques and applications for specific problems and that the cure will come after few or more treatments.
Through the course of the years, we discovered by practicing the therapy that something very important was missing: The missing element was the actual participation of the patient himself. There was no interactive communication, we were missing his own input, his realization of what caused the problem. Although in most cases the patient was happy after the session, relieved of his pain, we were exhausted and even in some cases we were carrying his pain afterwards.
Finally we discovered that the session is complete and effective only if the patient himself expresses what happens, and gets into the self healing process through interaction with us the co-travelers. Thus we consider that epitome of the Neo-Craniosacral Therapy is the Somatoemotional Release through Therapeutic Dialog. We are proud of constantly learning from our students and patients. The unique body of each individual is our one and only teacher. It takes continuous consciousness and deep work with ourselves in order to become truthful, simple humans. This is our highest aim during our seminars and courses- to create people who respect people; people who accept the one and only unique truth of the body of each individual.

Declaration of the Neo-CranioSacral Therapy Institute in Greece:

The Neo-CranioSacral Therapy approaches humans in a totally original and revolutionary way. During the session, while our hands are touching the body we are palpating the body’s Rhythms. Beyond that, we are feeling what is happening under our hands, the body signals by giving out information, showing where it needs the presence of our hands, stiffness and stress areas or uneasiness and leads us to the "point of balance". The point where even the disordered energy finds balance in order to support the WHOLE, even in this imbalanced status. The body knows the way leading to the "Midline" where the origin balance of the human is. 

In a visionary and intuitive approach we are communicating with the core of the existence, the deeper self of the person who is receiving the treatment. Here, in this meditative session the great mystery of life that lies within each of us is revealed.

The Educational program of Neo-CranioSacral Therapy includes learning of the techniques but more importantly leads the trainees to many revolutionary internal changes. Neo-CranioSacral Therapy introduces the trainee to the non-interventional and to the unconditional  acceptance of the other’s own’s Truth . We coach trainees to feel what is happening without judging, or getting to conclusion, or even aiming to cure. To achieve such state, it will require major changes firstly and mostly in our selves not as therapists but as co-travelers. For us , there is no such term as patient nor as healer, instead we use the words “traveler” for the person who gets the treatment and co-traveler for the person who accompanies the

traveler step by step the way long which the traveler chooses to go through during the Session.

The progress of the trainee during the Education, depends on his capacity to develop a new free and open self, where his/her touch flows pure love, acceptance and understanding for the traveler. Through experiential workshops, meetings, trainings, exchanges of sessions, our students get initiated to the philosophy of Neo-Craniosacral Therapy.

The traveler’s body will only open up if his subconscious feels trust for his co-traveler/(therapist) only if the co-traveler is able to go where the traveler’s body calls him, and together the two bodies and further more their hearts are coordinated to the same frequency, enabling the flow of "understanding" between them, achieving coherence in the body a fundamental element in Neo-CranioSacral Therapy. And coherence of all the systems and cells in the body is that basic symphony for health.

Therefore, for the Institute of Neo-CranioSacral Therapy is a matter of principle and morality to define these prerequisites and therefore we designate as teaching cycle at least 1730 teaching hours before to complete the studies. The teaching program is consisted of five levels ten days each plus a 7 days course (ENCOUNTER) of deep self-consciousness. Inviolable rule of our Institute is that the trainee is not allowed to practice Neo-CranioSacral Therapy for a fee, nor he is allowed to practice on business premises, otherwise will be dismissed from the educational program of the Institute.

In other Institutes, eg the Institute Dr. Upledger - as advertised in Greece - basic education is offered in two workshops of four day duration each, receive a certificate as a CranioSacral Therapist and you are ready to work for money!!!

We are not inviting large number of students to attend the basic part of Education, nor we give certificate for each level of the Basic Course attendance. We straight forward explain the depth of our Studies and the gradual progress through all 5 levels that will eventually allow our students to become eligible as therapists.

It is sad to see that some schools provide certificate after 70 hours of training, and their students call themselves Craniosacral Therapists.

We instead, feel joy and excitement for our students who are willing to get through the "difficult" path, to bravely face their own issues first, realizing what they need to be balanced people, and make the big turns/bends in their own lives. They are with us only, because they want to experience where this "mystique" Therapy can lead them as persons and then as co-travelers and ambassadors to share these gifts of Neo-CranioSacral Therapy with other people.

We point out the truth, we define that the trainee shouldn't bother to learn with us if not committed to deep, inner work of himself, as a matter of fact he will not withstand the process and will drop out eventually.

For the Neo-CranioSacral Therapy techniques are the least bit of teaching. Experience has proved that those who come only to learn another method, to show results in their professional career, will abandon the first few days.
Our Philosophy is when a person/therapist is not willing to open up his soul completely and honestly, how would he, as a “therapist”, show compassion and understanding for a trauma released by the “traveler” during the session or even, how would the traveler’s body be encouraged to open up without the grounds of compassion and understanding??

We consider it an insult to produce "healers" or "therapists" with only 70 hours of training in some schools.

When the training focuses on techniques, without personal development, this leads directly to the student's arrogance as Healer and not to the humble and honest approach that "each person is sacredly unique and his/her body becomes our teacher".