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Important declaration about the educational program

Fundamental Value about the education in the Neo-CranioSacral Therapy

Learning Techniques is one aspect of the Education of Neo-CranioSacral Therapy. It is though  fundamental that students be able to realize the deeper level of this Method, that is revealed only if they approach with full respect, total acceptance to the inner truth of the person who receives the session.The somatoemotional release is the state of this method, where the true self reveals, the reasons of unbalances and illnesses are revealed and the curement comes from the Travellers inner core/soul.

As the modern man is non conscious of his own body, the seminars are using techniques such as dancing, Meditations, group games to make it easier to feel one's body. Meditation also creates the fundaments of inner peace, so that curement may take place. Afterall the method Neo-CranioSacral Therpy is purely a meditative approach that means, I touch with respect, I am with the Travellers body and only that, I do not conclude and don't judge about the Traveller, I listen to the signals, I do not intervene, I do learn and every body in my hands is my Teacher.
During our seminars and courses, our students are encouraged to express their feelings, no matter what they are, this is their chance to let go anything that is pressing them. The  time and the place are ideal: They will be received with total acceptance and love above all. It is their chance to overcome the factors that supress them in their lives.
We get a lot of students who attend our Educational Courses for their own benefit, only for the sake of the blessing to be able to get rid of  all that bother them - everything that makes them unhappy persons, poor parents, miserable people, etc....Many students state that our courses helped them in personal maturity, tought them of becoming happy....and free with their feelings,made them authentic and thus healthy people.