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Neo-CranioSacral Therapy -
Experience who you are Seminar!

zENCOUNTER is: The search for our inner-self

Because of
COVID-19 this Seminar is beeing
kept on line as Webinar

The Seminar "ENCOUNTER" or as we call it "zENCOUNTER" is a powerful way to face the issue Who we really are???

This seminar deals with this lifelong questions:

  • Why we feel unhappy, why we get sick, why we feel that our life doesn't go the way we really want it ......

In the group we share our problems, behavioral patterns and get the chance to realize what we do wrong, what causes our misery and unhappiness.
The answers are given to each one from within and the realization brings us closer to our real self, the deepest self reveals what we could do to gain hapiness and health.

The seminar's duration is one week, it is offered only 2-3 times in a year and has a limited group size.

The venue every time is at different places of Greece. The attendants are spending the whole week together and have their accommodation on site.


This seminar is a quest for our inner selves and own truth, through the paths of love and inner peace seeking for each and every one of us. It is open to all those who seek an answer to the crucial question "who am I????"

  • What do I do and how I behave towards myself so that I am hurt? What can I do so that I will not pain? What depresses me, what is my burden? Do I need to carry that... Can I get rid of all this???
  • How all my traumatic childhood experiences are affecting me today in my relationships and my relationship to myself? Where my sentiment was lost? How Can I get back and keep alive what has been lost in my daily life?
  • How I can interpret the inner "judge"? How criticism affects me, either when it comes from others or when I judge myself?
  • What is that I really need? Do I need to be in boundaries, do I need compassion and "heart understanding" for myself and my imperfections?
  • Do I fear? What is my fear doing to me? Why many times I am afraid to speak up and show what I dislike? Why Am I enduring?
  • Am I angry? I do not know how to handle my anger! What is that I do when my anger appears? Do I need to live with anger or do I need tools to handle with the anger inside me?
  • Why so much guilt inside me? What can I do with guilt that paralyzes me?
  • Where has my happiness been lost? What am I avoiding when I withdraw into myself?
  • What is that I do to attract attention? Do I need this? Is it important for me to attract the attention of others in every way possible, by being sick, or miserable? Can I delete this type of behavior and liberate myself? May I allow myself to say: I am Ok as I am, I am content with who I am?
  • Do I really want to give space to my heart rather to my mind and be liberated from the congested mind? Do I want to accept my self so that I am not tortured anymore? At which extend do I Accept who I am?

If all the above or parts of it are of your concern, then the zEENCOUNTER Seminar is your  great opportunity to meet your real Self!!! It is open to everyone, so you are welcome and inform your friends, colleagues, anyone you know who might want to join us.

During this seminar each one of the participants will have the chance to realize through experiential, simple games, how his/her behavior forces him/herself into becoming another person, a person who is not his real self...

The seminar allows you to peel off these layers that are prohibiting your inner treasure to emerge. By realizing the circumstances that these peel layers have been created and preserved with your daily behaviors and attitudes, you will clearly see what makes you hurt and be ill or unhappy.
This Seminar is a REAL key to liberate yourself from old lasting issues and to get Healthy and balanced!